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Alpine Steakhouse Tractor

Alpine Steakhouse

If you haven’t yet, it’s time for you to discover the Alpine Steakhouse, Sarasota, Florida’s oldest premier restaurant, steakhouse, meat market (butcher shop) and small specialty grocery all under one roof!  We are open for lunch, dinner and offer full catering services.  The Alpine is something of a cultural landmark, being more than 40 years old, the first place in Sarasota to specialize in prime meats of the New York City steakhouse persuasion, and has continually been operated and crafted to perfection by the same family.


Since opening in 1975, Alpine Steakhouse has specialized in homemade ingredients and prime meats pioneered by Karl Ehmer, the revolutionary butcher from New York City. What makes us the proudest is that virtually nothing comes out of a box or shrink-wrapped.  Matt Rebhan’s father, Mark, took over the business of his father, Henry, and the restaurant continues to be a collaborative father-son family effort for your enjoyment to this day.

It was also the first, and remains the only, place in the whole state that sells fresh TurDucKen, a contemporary Cajun dish involving a whole boneless turkey stuffed with a whole boneless chicken, a whole boneless duck and any mix of sausage and seasoned bread dressing. The dish is immensely complicated, requiring the knife skills of a surgeon, and, with actual roasting time, takes 16 hours to prepare.


Alpine Steakhouse is proud to be the recipient of the Sarasota Magazine Readers’ Choice award for “Best Restaurant for Steak” for the past consecutive three years. Our Butcher Shop will tempt you with only the best prime dry-aged steaks, veal, lamb, chops, chicken and fresh seafood to make your dining decision exciting enough before you consider the traditional German specialties like wiener-schnitzel, sauerbraten and bratwurst and more.


Your eyes will spot the steak-burgers, Japanese Kobe Burgers, hot New York Reubens, Philly cheese steaks, salads and homemade apple strudel.  And with more than 60 imported beers along with an extensive fine wine selection every palate will be more than satisfied.

Teriyaki Duck Wings
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